10 Exciting Activities for the Beautiful Queens Beaches

If you live in one of the great Queens neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea or the Rockaways, you know how exciting the Queens beaches can be, and if you are thinking about visiting one of the Queens beaches you’re in for a great time. Here are ten activities to try the next time you are at a beach in Queens.

1. Build sandcastles – This is a great activity the entire family can enjoy. Simply fill buckets with wet sand close to the breakers, bring it to your sandcastle “property” and start packing. You’ll find sandcastles dotting most of the Queens beaches, and you can even buy kits and instruction manuals for more complex castles.

2. Volleyball – Volleyball and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. Throughout the spring, summer and fall you can usually find a couple of spirited beach volleyball games on the beaches in Queens, or get a net and put your own team together.

3. Frisbee – Frisbee on the beach has the benefit of being a lot of fun and being a wonderful workout. You have plenty or room on the Queens beaches to enjoy some Frisbee and it’s the perfect activity for the entire family.

4. Flying a kite – The beach is almost always a little windy, which means it’s the perfect chance to take a kite for a test spin. Kids and adults alike love getting a kite off the ground and watching it bob and sway in the wind.

5. Go for a hike – Queens beaches are full of great places to explore. Put on some comfortable shoes and go exploring with the crashing waves as your backdrop!

6. Find treasures! – All kinds of cool things wash up on the beach. Take the kids to find seashells and driftwood, or for the more seasoned treasure hunter, go out and get a metal detector and sea if you can find that buried chest of pirate booty!

7. Go for a picnic – Picnics are always fun, but never quite so fun as on a beach in Queens. Take a comfy blanket, some great food, that special someone or the entire family. Just watch out for hungry seagulls!

8. Go for a walk – It’s great exercise and gives you an opportunity to see all of the wonderful scenery on the Queens beaches. Go by yourself for some time to relax and think, or take someone special with you.

9. Go for a swim – Make sure a lifeguard is on duty! And you might want to wait for the summertime to try it, but the water at the Queens beaches can be really refreshing on those hot summer days.

10. Go for a run – Running on the sand has tons of benefits. It’s easier on the joint, a more intense workout, and of course you have the benefit of doing it while surrounded by some lively scenery and of course the beautiful ocean and refreshing ocean breeze.