5 Great Summer Decorating Styles for Queens Beachfront Homes

Many outside of the area may be surprised to learn this fact, but Queens and the greater Long Island area, and neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea, are where you will find some of the most beautiful homes in all of New York, or the world for that matter. You will find beautiful beachfront homes and homes just off the beach with some of the most breathtaking views around. But what about inside your beachfront home? How do you compete with the beauty of the view outside, or how do you enhance that view?

If you are thinking about renting a beachfront home, purchasing one in a beautiful beach neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea, or if you already have a great beachfront home in New York. You should think about some of these tips for making it even more beautiful, or relaxing, or exciting, or pretty much anything your designer-eye wishes for.

1. Take the balanced approach. The trick is to not let your home turn into a theme park by, for example, having seashells everywhere because you are by the sea. It seems like a good idea maybe, but instead just stick to the basic color schemes found in nature. Another aspect of balance is to not be afraid to combine styles, as long as elements throughout the room tie in to one another.

2. Luxury can mix great with cost-effective materials. Some think that if you have one antique piece in a room then you have to go with an overall opulent and luxurious theme. That is not always the case. Many contemporary styles call for mixing the old with the new and the less expensive with the more expensive. Don’t let yourself be bound by old parameters, try out different combinations.

3.Combine artwork for greater impact. Instead of spreading out your art to ensure there is something anywhere you turn, try gathering it together into uniform grids. This method allows small pieces of art to give the impression of large pieces of art. At the same time the uniformity of the layout is great contrast with the sort of randomness and chaos reflected in most pieces of art which draws us to them.

4. Save money by going smaller instead of cheaper. If you are looking for ways to stretch your design dollar, instead of settling for materials you may not want consider ways to make less of the material you fall in love with to make a greater impression. Balloon shades are an excellent example of this minimalist theory at work. Other ideas are throw covers to bring a room together instead of completely recovering furniture or buying an all new bed set.

5.Small rooms should “blend” the various elements. One of the best ways to make a small room feel larger is by blending different elements. If one or more pieces of furniture match the patterns found on the walls, a cramped room can suddenly feel breezy.