5 Things You Never Knew About the New York Public Library

If you think libraries are a thing of the past than you must not have been to one lately. They offer a wide range or more “modern” services, from high speed internet of course to DVD (even Blu-Ray) rentals. This next to the old Dewey Decimal System of those dusty things with actual pages called “books”… or something.

Here are 5 important things you may not have known about the amazing New York Public Library:

1. New York Public Library, or NYPL is the largest public library in North America and is considered one of the top research libraries in the United States. It is actually one library but spread over several locations, with buildings in Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island. Though there are several locations (actually 87 total) it is all cataloged online and each library interacts, so any materials at any of the locations is available from whichever library you happen to be visiting.

2. NYPL is completely free for all visitors! Many don’t realize that today that using a library is completely free. Granted checking things out does require a library card, which may or may not be accompanied with a minimal fee, but within the actual library you may use any of their facilities without charge. Note that for some research libraries some materials may not be available for checkout.

3. As of 2010 the NYPL contains over 44 million items in their research section. This includes everything from books to video tapes and maps. In addition the branch libraries contain 8 million research items. All together there are over 53 different and unique research items to be found in the New York Public Library. That makes it the 3rd largest library in the world only after the Library of Congress and the British Library.

4. You may be asking yourself how on earth you are supposed to find anything with over 53 million things to look through. The New York Library has actually made it surprisingly simple. You can look up real information, the useful kind, either using their Telephone Reference system, the old catalog system (same as any library) or of course online. The great thing is everything is classified by actual content if you are doing research, and not by whoever spammed the most keywords! Compare that to try to actually learn something on the internet. You won’t find a better, more complete source of real knowledge anywhere else in New York.

5. They have a website! There entire catalog is available via their website at all times and from anywhere. You can search through their materials, using their system and find exactly what you need before you even get their. Even reserve online and they will hold your materials for you for a set time, as long as it is material that is generally available for checkout.

Whether it is to find something great to read without paying Barnes & Noble an arm and a leg, or if you are doing research, the New York Public Library is a great place to go. Whether you are a current resident, or just visiting NY we recommend you come check out our Queens Waterfront Homes we promise you will love what you see.