7 Beach Activities for the Family In Queens NY

A trip to the beach is certainly a family favorite activity, and you couldn’t find a nicer setting then the beaches in Queens. They are close to beautiful neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea. Whether you already living in Queens or are looking for a great way to spend a day with the family or visiting one of the many great beaches. If you are thinking about moving into one of the family homes available in neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea, you and your family deserves some sand, surf and sun.

A trip to the beach can be a great family memory, but how do you keep the kids occupied for an afternoon while ensuring everyone is having a good time? Here are some activities that will make them forget their iPhones and handheld gaming devices.

1. Beach Volleyball is one of the most popular games on any beach in queens. Set up a family-fun version of the game that includes everyone. For small children, instead of using a volleyball, which can sometimes be too hard, use a beach ball.

2. Treasure Hunt is always a fun time. There are a couple of different ways families can do this. You can comb the beach for unique seashells and other interesting items, you can invest in a metal detector and let the whole family join, or family members can take turns hiding and uncovering items with a game of “your getting hotter, no now your colder!”

3. Beach Ball Balancing is simple and a lot of fun, especially for smaller children. Set up a “race” track and have member race to the finish line while balancing a beach ball, without using your hands!

4. Sort Seashells is a great way to get kids interested in collecting all of the cool seashells they find. Make it education by sorting the shells by the type of creature.

5. Beach Bull’s Eye is one of the easiest games you can play and you don’t need anything but your hands and some pebbles or rocks you pick up along the way. Draw a bull’s eye in the sand and have family members step several yards away, and see who can hit the bull’s eye. You can also give each circle a value and make it a competition.

6. Ping Pong Races is another easy game. All you need are some ping pong balls, or really any type of ball that rolls easily and can be retrieved from the water. Dig a canal leading to the water, be sure there is a downward slope, and have teams race their balls to the water and then retrieve them.

7. Beach golf is just golf with a Frisbee. Set up a “course” using whatever is available. The goal is to hit this objects with the Frisbee in as few throws as possible.

There is always something fun to do at the beach, and there couldn’t be a better setting than the great beaches around Queens and close to Arverne by the Sea.