Absolute 5 Best Places to Buy Oceanfront Homes and Condos in Queens NYC

Thinking about trading in the urban jungle for a little slice of oceanfront paradise? When it comes to oceanfront condos Queens NYC has absolutely taken off. With new safety and construction measures in place for all condos going up along the beach, it’s no wonder everyone is talking about Rockaway Peninsula. If looking to buy, here are the best oceanfront condos Queens NYC locations.

 1.     Arverne (Arverne By The Sea)-For the very best blend of quiet oceanfront living and an array of amenities and summertime activities, Arverne, located on the Rockaway peninsula in Queens, NYC, is the place to be. Also known as Arverne By The Sea, this pleasant beachfront community has enjoyed various reincarnations since the turn of the century, but today has found its niche as an area where couples, families, professionals, and just about anyone else who likes to live by the ocean can find a sense of community and calm. With dozens of local amenities, including the brand new state-of-the-art YMCA, the Arverne By The Sea retail transit plaza, a new Stop & Shop, and more restaurants and shops popping up all the time, it’s the perfect Queens location to call home.

 2.     Rockaway Park-Nestled between Rockaway Beach and Belle Harbor, Rockaway Park is a great blend between the two worlds of the insular Belle Harbor neighborhood, and the lively stretch along Rockaway Beach. Those interested in surfing, but still interested in taking the A train into the city on a regular basis, have found this to be the perfect area to settle in. With new and exciting oceanfront condos Queens NYC living has never been so pleasant.

 3.     Belle Harbor-While a traditional neighborhood, known for traditionally being defined by old money and affluence, the new oceanfront condos Queens NYC scene is definitely happening in Belle Harbor. With shops, restaurants, cafes, a great stretch of beach along the Rockaway Peninsula, and the tranquil lapping of Jamaica Bay’s waves opposite, residents here can enjoy the special touch of both ocean and Manhattan skyline views. New defenses post-Superstorm Sandy have made the area’s new construction much safer from the effects of flooding and weather-related damage. Another bonus – the beach access is limited along this stretch by parking restrictions, meaning residents nearly have the place to themselves.

 4.     Roxbury-Way down toward the end of the peninsula, but not quite out to Breezy Point, is Roxbury, a great little enclave community with just about the most tranquil, beachy lifestyle of the bunch. This inholding is nestled within the Gateway National Recreation Area’s Breezy Point Unit, making it perfect for those who love nature, but still want the convenience of trips to Manhattan at their leisure. Really more of a coop on Jamaica Bay than an oceanfront condos Queens NYC locale, Roxbury is private property with an owning corporation of residents, but the condo community lifestyle is similar to that offered by its more mainstream neighbors – though far more rustic. There are often quite a few properties up for grabs, so if this sounds like your relaxed summer or year-round dream, it’s worth the trip out to take a look.

 5.     Rockaway Beach-In and out of vogue since the late 1800s when it began as a playground for the wealthy, with the opening of the railroad station Rockaway Beach became a vacation and weekend destination with stores, resort hotels, and amusement parks. It was affectionately given the name “New York’s Playground,” and today, after bouts with difficulty and destruction, is doing its best to live up to its name. Here, residents will find the largest concentration of eateries, night spots, shopping, and the idyllic surf beach – just right for those looking to get a little bit of a California cool vibe with Manhattan just an hour’s drive away. Not just a summer spot anymore, Rockaway Beach has turned into a real haven for not only hipsters, but families, professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs.