Astoria, Queens is Home of the Exciting Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

When the weather starts to get warm Queens really comes alive, and one of the most popular stops is the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some of the best hearty Czech foods in the U.S. and is just about always packed with locals and tourists enjoying the great food, beer, and company. If you are planning a trip to Queens, NY during the spring or the summer months than this is a must see. And if you live in the one of the beautiful Queens neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea, or have thought about purchasing one of the great seaside properties or a home in any of the great neighborhoods, than this is just one more reason to finalize the purchase while home prices are still at their lowest.


The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is a large outdoor setting filled with immaculate tables with plenty of friendly servers. Be aware it can get especially busy on nice weekends and holidays, but there is almost always a seat available and room for the whole family. There are a lot of great positives, and among the most notable are the long list of fantastic Czech boozes along with domestic and other popular brands, the beautiful setting beneath a canopy of trees, a great place to bring friends and family, and though beer is one of the highlights, it is always kid friendly. The food might be the most impressive aspect, especially during the Czech and Slovak Festival held each year in May. Prices are fantastic, usually around $10. Live music is another draw, and different bands may be featured on various weekends, though there is not always live music. Other entertainment may be scheduled as well so you’ll want to take a look at their website for an updated schedule.



– The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is located at 29-19 24th Ave, Astoria, Queens.

– They are open starting at 5 p.m. during the week and 12 p.m. on the weekends.

– Prices range from $5 – $10 usually when there is entertainment, entertainment may be free. Different entrees and beers will have different prices.

– They can be contacted at 718-274-4925. Fax: 718-728-9278.


    More about the menu

    The menu is wide and varied but consists primarily of hearty Czech, Bohemian, and German dishes including grilled sausages, burgers, potatoes cooked in traditional styles, mushrooms, dumplings and a long list of authentic German beers. You’ll find a range of booths and grilles cooking up fantastic meals of every sort though.


    Reserving space

    Everyone is welcome during regular hours, and there is almost always plenty of seating. Along with being a regular stop for tourists and locals to the Queens area, the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is open for special events like weddings, family reunions, and more. You can find out more from their website or by calling the phone number provided.