Beat the Summer Heat! 3 Beaches to Visit Near Queens NY

If New York was not the most famous city in the world for a long list of other reasons, it would perhaps get its due credit for its incredible beaches. Many who have not visited simply are not aware of the vast and stunningly beautiful beaches all over New York, and specifically Queens. Here are the top five beaches around Queens according to us, of course you’ll have to see them for yourself if you want to form your own opinion, and all of them have plenty of great arguments for why they should be number one.


3. Long Beach in Long Island is a massive and long sandbar stretching crystal clear waters on both sides of the small peninsula. Parking is free and it’s a short trip from the Downtown Manhattan area. Don’t want to drive? The Long Island Railroad can get you from Midtown to Long Beach in less than an hour, and is a comfortable and relaxing ride besides. There is a down side. Entrance costs $12 for those 13 and up. But the beach is impeccably kept and there are all kinds of bundle deals including transportation which adds up to a great discount.


2. Rockaway Beach is not widely known outside of New York City and nearby waterfront neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea, but it has been named the largest urban beach in the United States. It includes two separate stretches of beach and is a great place for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and much more. It features a long boardwalk and vendors of all sorts always nearby, and while generally busy, it’s rarely overcrowded even on holidays and busy weekends.


1. Coney Island of course is the most well-known beach in the greater New York area, and for good reason with its legendary boardwalk, Coney Island dogs and all kinds of great foods, games, rides, beautiful sandy beaches, even entertainment.