Eight Amazing Beachfront Home Decorating Tips for Queens, NY

Do you own a great beachfront home in one of the wonderful Queens neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea or the Rockaways? Beachfront homes in these neighborhoods enjoy a rural and relaxing lifestyle, but with plenty of activities for the entire family and close enough to the city that commuting is never a problem.

If you live in one of these great neighborhoods, or if you are considering purchasing a home at Arverne by the Sea or any of the other great Queens, NY beachfront neighborhoods, you may have considered how to decorate. We have some great tips for you.

Consider your colors carefully – Everyone knows how important the right color scheme is to a home, but it’s more than choosing the most current trend. The color of your rooms, furniture, even your decorative items have been shown to have a real impact on the overall feel of the home. Consider what rooms are used for. Entertaining guests? An office? A child’s room? The color scheme should serve a purpose, but should also reflect your unique style. Beautiful home in Arverne by the sea and other beachfront homes take this into account.

Now match your colors to the scenery – You’ll want your Queens beachfront home to look like a beachfront home inside and out, so from the colors that serve the purposes above, including your own unique style, look outside of your window and see how these match up to the scenery, and consider altering, slightly to go with what you see outside of your beachfront home.

Don’t forget comfort – Sand is fun, but certainly not comfortable. How do you match the “scenery” with your floors? Hardwoods and different tile schemes are popular for many beachfront homes in queens, but lay down stylish throw rugs as well to avoid bruised feet when the kids run in from the beach.

How about furniture? – Your own style always should trump trends, but consider an economical minimalist approach to furnishing that is also comfortable. Creams and beiges are very popular choices for beachfront homes.

Linens – Duvets, curtains, and throws for the bedroom and family room are a must. Simple styles that match your color scheme, but without mimicking the exact patterns are a good idea. Some go all the way with their beach theme, seashells and all, but simple patterns or stripes are also a good idea.

Artwork – Don’t leave your walls bare. Along with family photos of course, you will want to add art that compliments each room. Ocean scenes and the like are popular or very simple black and white photographs.

Don’t distract from the view! – Decorating windows is a blast, but keep it simple. The Queens beachfront view should always be the main attraction!

Accessorize – Avoiding clutter is always a good idea, even if you’re a knick-knack sort of person, keep things orderly. Shapes and colors should match each room’s specific mood. Seashell arrangements, anchors, driftwood and the like are all great ideas.