Great Boardwalk Fitness Tips for Queens, NY

If you are one of the lucky residents of an excellent Queens, NY neighborhood with easy access to one of the beautiful beaches in the area like Arverne by the Sea or the Rockaways, than you probably are looking for any excuse you can to get out on the boardwalk and enjoy the amazing scenery. Whether you live by the beach in Queens or are thinking about moving to an area like Arverne by the Sea, if you are like the majority of Americans, you probably also want to get in a little better shape. Why not combine the beauty of a Queens boardwalk with a pound-shedding workout? In Queens you can get in great shape while you’re enjoying the beach.

Dress appropriately! – Hot cold, or “just too nice” is no excuse not to get that heart pumping. Dressing the right way is essential for ensuring you can concentrate 100% on your workout. The winter months can get cold in Queens as everyone knows. If you are going for a winter walk or run on a Queens boardwalk, you want to layer your torso. Why? Well, even though that is not the part of your body that initially will get coldest, your body knows it’s the most important part to keep warm and if you are not properly layered there than working out will become more difficult as your mind tells your body to “stop and find someplace warmer!” With that in mind though, once you begin you will almost immediately shed that cold feeling, so don’t overdress. Along with layers for your torso, keep those ears covered, consider two pairs of athletic socks, and depending just how cold it is and how cold you tend to get, some thin gloves. When it’s warm outside things are simpler. Some shorts and good shoes and you’re ready to start. No excuses!

Get the right footwear – If you are walking on the boardwalk you want sturdy shoes with plenty of cushion. Running shoes are fine, and cross trainers may be more comfortable. If you are a runner, you want running shoes, but not spikes, save those for high school tracks and the Olympics. A light pair with good grip is the key, and if you have ankle issues here’s a tip: it’s not the height of the shoe that matters as much as the surface area of the bottoms, so compare bottoms while buying.

Drink! – Water is still your best option. Most don’t know that Gatorade, Powerade and similar drinks are actually engineered for professional athletes. They are full of sugars that the casual runner doesn’t need, and the walker definitely doesn’t need. If you are training for marathons and are really depleting your vitamins than these drinks are fine, otherwise good old water is the best thing invented. You will want to drink a full glass about half an hour before, and be sure you are not already dehydrated. Don’t drink a lot immediately before you begin however or you’re likely to get a side-stitch. If you go for long workouts than have something with you or know where a fountain is. Remember, your body is thirsty way before you start feeling thirsty. Make sure you have another full glass of water almost immediately after finishing. This not only re-hydrates you, it is essential for your body to perform the fat-burning and muscle-building functions you are trying to accomplish to start with.