Great Winter Attractions in the Queens / New York City (NYC) Area

Have you thought about vacationing in Queens, NY, or are you considering moving into one of the great neighborhoods around Queens like the Rockaways or Arverne by the Sea?

Winters in New York can be pretty rough. With temperatures below freezing, a lot of snow on the ground most of the time and even high winds you may be wondering what to do the whole time. Don’t worry though you aren’t completely stuck inside (unless there’s an actual blizzard). There are a number of things you can do in Queens, NY in the winter.

Things to do in the winter in Queens:

1. Join the Polar Bear Club – The Rockaways are the proud home of a branch of the Polar Bear Club. They usually meet for a dip New Years Day on the beach close to 146th Street. Well, even if you are not down for a dip yourself, check out the action.

2. Ice Skating – There’s no shortage of ice in the winter in New York, that’s for sure, and there are plenty of places to take advantage. Be careful of the ice in city parks though, you’ll often see danger signs posted sot don’t chance it. Instead head to one of the safe skating parks made specifically for that purpose like World’s Fair Ice-Skating Rink in the NY Building.

3. Sledding – When the world gives you lemons make lemonade, when it gives you a lot of snow, go sledding! There are many great places to sled when the snow starts falling including Lower Highland Park on Jamaica Ave. and Elton St. Crocheron Park on 35th and 216th and Forest Park in Richmond Hill in Mary Whalen Playground on 79th and Park Lane South.

4. Hiking – When the winter lets up for a little bit at least, how about a brisk hike? Yes, there are plenty of places to hike around Queens, closer than you might think. Check out the wetland paths around Alley Pond, or take a stroll along Rockaway Beach. Another great place for a nice walk is Socrates Sculpture Park.

5. Beachcombing – One of the best things about the beaches around the Rockaways in the winter is that there is hardly anyone there! It’s the perfect time for some beachcombing. Who knows what you might find.

6. Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing – Many are surprised to find there are places to snowshoe or ski around Queens. Check out Flushing Meadows Park close to the Jewel Avenue entrance. The other place you might want to look at are the winter trails in Forest Park. There are also organizing treks at Bayside’s Fort Totten.

7. Birding – There are a lot of great places to go bird watching. Baisley Pond Park on Baisley Blvd and 155th St. is a great site to view some winter ducks, many species hard to find elsewhere in the State. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and Flushing Meadows are also great options.

8. Horse Racing – The track is open year round, even in the winter, so check out the horse races even in the winter.