Learn About the Queens Bus Schedule: A Great and Inexpensive Way to Get Around Queens!

Do you live in the Queens area? Have you thought about moving into one of the fantastic Queens neighborhoods like Arverne by the Sea or the Rockaways? This is a great area to live, and a perfect spot for the whole family. There is a lot to do in and around Queens including great beaches, beautiful parks, museums, zoos organized events and much, much more. How do you get around though? While New York’s major cities, even Queens, have a reputation for horrible traffic, you might be surprised just how easy getting around Queens might be if you get a bus pass.

Find out more about the MTA and how to get around Queens. Also learn what other information MTA has to offer.
The bus routes in the Queens area are overseen by the MTA, or the Metro Transit Authority. You can find out more information about the MTA at their website, www.mta.info. Along with bus routes around Queens you will find bus routes all through New York. This can be a great resource if you are looking for the quickest way to get around Queens, or if you are looking for a great way to spend a weekend in Queens, or if you decide to visit Queens on vacation. MTA has information on phone numbers for different transit options around Queens, information about bicycle routes, you’ll find a business service center, safety tips, fares and tolls and other price information, information about Grand Central, a lost and found section, the MTA police and much, much more.

Here are some of the routes:

Q1 Springfield Blvd/Braddock/Hillside Avenues
Q2 Belmont Park/Hollis Avenuee
Q3 Farmers Boulevard/JFK Airport
Q4 Linden Boulevard (Regular and Limited-Stop Service)
Q5 Merrick Boulevard/Green Acres/Rosedale
Q6 Sutphin Blvd – Rockaway Blvd
Q7 Rockaway Blvd – Pitkin Av
Q8 101st Av
Q9 Van Wyck Expressway/135 St/Lincoln St
Q10 Kew Gardens – JFK Airport
Q11 Woodhaven Blvd
Q12 Sanford Avenue/Northern Boulevard
Q13 Northern/Bell Boulevards
Q14 150 Street
Q15a 150 Street
Q16 QBayside Avenue/Willets Point Boulevard
Q17 Kissena Boulevard/Horace Harding Expwy/188 St
Q18 30th Av – 58th St – 65th Pl
Q19 Astoria Blvd
Q20a Main Street/Union Street/20 Avenue
Q20b Main Street/Union Street/14 Avenue
Q21 Cross Bay Blvd/Woodhaven Blvd
Q22 Rockaway Beach Blvd – Beach Channel Dr
Q23 108th St
Q24 Atlantic Avenue/Broadway
Q25 127th St – Kissena Blvd – Parsons Blvd
Q26 46 Avenue/Hollis Court Boulevard
Q27 46 Avenue/Rocky Hill Rd/Springfield Boulevard
Q28 Northern Boulevard/32 Avenue
Q29 Dry Harbor Rd – 80th St
Q30 Utopia Parkway/Horace Harding Expressway
Q31 Utopia Parkway/Bell Boulevard
Q32 Roosevelt/Fifth Avenues
Q33 82nd St / 83rd St – LaGuardia Main Terminal
Q34 Willets Point Blvd – Kissena Blvd – Parsons Blvd
Q35 Rockaway Park – Brooklyn College
Q36 Hillside/Jamaica Avenues
Q37 111th St – 135th Av
Q38 Eliot Av – Penelope Av
Q39 48th Av – 58th St – Forest Av
Q40 142nd St
Q41 127th St – 111th Av – Cross Bay Blvd
Q42 Jamaica/Archer Av/Liberty Av/174 St
Q43 Hillside Avenue
Q44 Main St/Cross Bronx Svc Rd/Limited
Q45 LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal – Glendale
Q46 Union Turnpik
Q47 LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal – Glendale
Q48 Roosevelt Av/Ditmars Blvd/La Guardia Airport
Q49 35th Av
Q50 Flushing — Pelham Bay — Co-op City Limited
Q53 Woodside – Rockaway Park Limited
Q54 Jamaica/Metropolitan Avenues
Q55 Myrtle Avenue (East)