Night Clubs & Nightlife In Queens New York (NY)

Purchasing a Queens waterfront home puts you in a great location for taking advantage of all the nightlife entertainment that this borough of New York City has to offer. Here is just a small sampling of where you can escape to after dark for relaxing drinks, great music and wonderful atmosphere experiencing a great night out with friends and loved ones.

The Cuckoo’s Nest
61-04 Woodside Ave., Queens, NY 11377 
nr. Roosevelt Ave
Have you ever heard how loud rush hour traffic is in midtown Manhattan? At the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and 61st read in Woodside, you’ll find the elevated seven, Long Island Railroad trains as well as DC-10s coming into LaGuardia Airport providing a strange cacophony of blended sound. One block away is the Cuckoo’s Nest, where visitors can actually relax avoiding all the chaotic noises outside. The Tudor-influenced interior design makes for some cozy comfort. Live bands play every Friday through Sunday nights. Find something on the bar menu for every type of drink including anyone hungry for Guinness. Specialty of the house is potato skins and herb breaded fried brie.

The Billiard Company
70-49 Austin St., Queens, NY 11375
near 71st Ave.
This is an upscale pool that sports a huge second-story expanse that has been designed for a comfortable amount of chatting and imbibing as well is taking up the stick. There is a time of room that allows the billiard Company to offer 20 separate professional-styled, well-maintained pool tables. Accompanying the pool tables are four well cushioned couches that invite someone to relax, but beware they are so comfortable you may just wind up taking a nap. Also, for the indoor sporting crowd are to ping-pong tables replete with a metal fence to keep borrowers from getting rapped on the head by an errant ping-pong ball. And, the Billiard Company offers surprisingly intimate candlelit arrays of plush sofas and table settings. Projection TVs and smaller viewing screens dot the landscape being in a variety of different and favorite sports presentations.

The Creek
10-93 Jackson Ave., Queens, NY 11101
their 49th Ave.
This club is just a hop skip and a stumble off of Vernon Boulevard where it seems like all roads converge including the Long Island Expressway, Pulaski Bridge and Jackson Avenue. This establishment is a cross between a frat boy playground combined with a hipster lounge and artist hangout. Comedians try their hand on open mic nights as well as many Indie movies shown in the makeshift theater located up stairs. If it gets too hot for you inside, head to the outdoors patio. Call ahead for a schedule of live music and expect a full Mexican menu that serves both daily lunch and dinner.