Popular NYC & Queens Beaches To Visit

So the beach probably isn’t the first thing anyone thinks of when they consider buying a home in New York or the Queens area or visiting for the weekend, you may be surprised however at all of the great ways you can spend a day at the beach during the summer months when you live in New York.

1. Coney Island – Coney Island is one of the premier attractions both in New York and in the United States. Every year hundreds of thousands visit this idyllic getaway for the board walk, the carnival rides, the Coney Island dogs or just to have some fun in the sun.

2. Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk – Rockaway Beach is a true New York getaway located in Queens and is not only the perfect city escape, but is a great residential neighborhood with premier housing communities such as Arverne by the Sea. It features a long stretch of pristine beach, a romantic boardwalk and is one of the only surfing beaches in the State of New York.

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach – Located in Staten Island it features 2.5 miles of picturesque beach and a number of wonderfully quaint neighborhoods.

4. Brighton Beach – Brighton beach is just a short trip from Coney Island. If the bustle of the over-populated Coney Island experience gets to be too much Brighton is highly suggested. You’ll find a great boardwalk and an amazing ocean view.

5. Great Kills Park – A part of Staten Island, this is actually home of four smaller and quite relaxing beaches; New Drop Beach, Cedar Grove, Oakwood and Fox Beach.

6. Manhattan Beach Park – Better known for the hustle and bustle of the work week, Manhattan also has a great escape. The beaches here may get a little crowded but it’s a convenient stop for anyone who loves the ocean.

7. Orchard Beach Promenade – Orchard beach is a wonderful destination for the whole family, with plenty of sand and waves. IT is located in The Bronx.

8. Breezy Point Beach – Another Queens beach, Breezy Point is the perfect place to escape the summer heat and spend a day relaxing with the soothing sound of the ocean and sand between your toes.

While most outside of the New York area may be surprised by the number of beaches within convenient subway or taxi ride, locals know that it’s one of the things that make the area so great. Why only go there for vacation though? There are many beautiful neighborhoods with amazing and surprisingly affordable homes in the area, like Arverne by the Sea in the Rockaway Queens area. And there has never been a better time to consider purchasing a new home. With neighborhoods like this you have all of the convenience of the city and the comforts of a beach-front property at your fingertips.