Queens Condominiums – Good For First Time Buyers?

First-time buyers will be surprised and happy to find out that they can likely afford to live life larger by purchasing a condominium as opposed to a traditional single-family home. Why? Well, for one point, condominium owners share common expenses with their neighbors, for example, maintenance of landscaping, parking and other amenities.

Condominiums As A Starter Home
For approximately 30 years during the growth of condominiums in this country, they were considered to be first-time home buyer’s starter properties. In fact, both first-time buyers and retirees were the typical makeup for many condo complex populations. The attraction for retirees was acquiring more manageable living space, typically downgrading from what they had known most of their adult lives. The lower operating costs accompanied by the amenities were great appeal to both retirees and first-time homebuyers. The additional aspect about a smaller amount of maintenance necessary for condo upkeep was attractive for many first-time home buyers who, at this stage in their life, were quite engulfed – busy at progressing their careers and didn’t have the luxury time to pitter-patter about the house keeping up with the maintenance demands a typical freestanding single-family home warrants. To this day, busy professionals who spend a great deal of time at work and the rest of their free time at play are looking to have fun in a condo community that offers such features as a recreation center complete with a workout gym, racquetball courts and more.

Not Just For Retirees Anymore
Many couples who find themselves as young empty-nesters are turning to condominium life as a popular choice for their lifestyle. These couples are also looking for greater low-maintenance accompanied by a plenty-of-amenities type of active lifestyle. Purchasing Queens condominiums can free an owner from having to deal with the hassle of hard-earned bucks going down the drain in a rent-my-living-quarters lifestyle. It also gives buyers an opportunity to purchase something without having to give up on sacrificing the location. Owning a Queens condominium is a sound investment for people who do not want to give up on a convenient city lifestyle but also don’t want have to throw their money away on renting an apartment.