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Whether you are brand new to the Rockaway Peninsula or have been living here for years, the Rockawayist is the place to head online for all the latest local info. It is easy to stay up-to-the-minute when you follow this informative blog on both the Rockawayist Twitter and Rockawayist Facebook, with constant updates available on-the-go. Plan out your calendar with information about upcoming events in the Rockaways near Arverne By The Sea, or plan out your weekend with info on culture, media, food, and fitness.


The blog posts on Rockawayist can be browsed chronologically, or sorted by category. These comprehensive categories include: food, elbow bend, events, maps, fitness, Crossfit, culture, history, media, NYC, and travel. The Rockaways have long been a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, and this blog pays special homage to the young entrepreneurs and stalwarts that are breathing new life into this area’s revitalization. As a Queens native and long-time resident of the West End of Rockaway Peninsula, the founder of the blog is using this online space to address the need for a one-stop shop for area lifestyle information.


To learn more about Rockawayist and follow online, visit the website at: Your source for local information when living at Arverne By The Sea!