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The Wave is your place for news, sports, opinions, columns, classifieds, and happenings in Long Island, New York. Choose from print only, print and web, and web only subscriptions of up to three years, to receive all the top local news and information right from the comfort of your Arverne By The Sea home. Pricing for your new or renewed subscription is dependent upon the service selected and your delivery address, with the deepest discounts going to Rockaway, Inwood, and Broad Channel residents.


As the longest-lived and most widely circulated local newspaper in the Rockaway Peninsula, Queens, this weekly publication is renowned for its complete community coverage, including local events and politics. In addition to current events, new Arverne By The Sea residents will find a wealth of historical information about the area, provided by The Wave’s own historian. The paper itself has a historical origin, coming to be after the great fire in Rockaway Beach in 1892. In an effort to inform the community of all that was happening in the aftermath, a local publisher printed The Wave of Long Island, and the predecessor of today’s The Wave, was born.


Your Local Source of Information


Residents of Arverne By The Sea and the greater Rockaway Peninsula know that The Wave is the best source of local news and information. From buying and selling items like real estate, autos, and more in their classifieds section, to keeping up on local social gatherings and celebrations, and learning about the local political scene, this is your one-stop source for community news. It is even easy to keep up with local sports teams, whether pro or recreational, with their full sports section.


The Wave Neighborhoods


Today, The Wave serves the neighborhoods of Arverne, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, and Far Rockaway, as well as Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Edgemere, Roxbury, and Neponsit—plus the Gateway National Recreation Area, with weekly print editions. They are able to reach audiences outside of New York, Long Island and the Rockaway Peninsula with web only service. If you would like to subscribe to The Wave, or simply contact their offices, they can be reached online via their website, or by mail at:


The Wave

P.O. Box 930097, Rockaway Beach, NY

(718) 634-4000