Salt Marsh Nature Center – Back to the Environment

Salt Marsh Nature Center – Back to the Environment

As the summer comes to a close, enjoy all of the outdoor fun while you can! Grab a lawn chair and some snacks, and enjoy Disney Nature’s Wings of Life this Thursday August 22. This event will be located at 3302 Avenue U in Brooklyn (E. 33rd St. and Avenue U).

Just to give you some background, The Salt Marsh Nature Center is one of ten Urban Park Ranger Nature Centers. Each nature center provides pubic education, recreational activities and environmental studies. Throughout the salt marsh you will encounter a variety of birds including, ducks, geese, cormorants, sandpipers, herons, egrets, red-winged blackbirds and hawks. Other species as well use the salt marsh, including sport fish, shrimp, and crabs before going into the open waters as adults!

This salt marsh in particular is very important to these animals because more than 75% of the original marsh had been destroyed. This in part was during the 1950’ s-70’s when there were a lot of homes being built. Marine Park, which is home to the salt marsh, was before a wasteland filled with trash and abandoned cars. Today the area has been cleaned up and restored to its original condition. It’s exciting to see an ecosystem of this kind exist in such a heavily populated urban area like Brooklyn.

On Thursday, August 22nd at 8:15pm, you can have the chance to watch DisneyNature on our outdoor theatre screen! All you need to bring is something confortable to sit and relax on like a lawn chair or blanket. Everyone will enjoy the atmosphere of the salt marsh while enjoying a movie with the whole family.

For more information including contact info, and how you can get involved at the Salt Marsh Nature Center today.

Enjoy and have fun!