Own A New Home For $3,922.93/month

Price Of Home: $580000.00

Down Payment: $58000.00 (10%)

Mortgage Term: 30 (years)

Mortgage Rate: 4.25(%)

Monthly Costs
Monthly MI $503.10
Monthly Taxes $150.00
Monthly Hazard Insurance $125.00
HOA Fees 166
P&I $2,329.93
Total Monthly Payment $3,274.03
Tax Deduction $-551.10
Rental Income $-1,200.00
Net Cost $3,922.93***

***Mortgage is based on a 30 year fixed rate at 4.25% using average interest costs over a 3 year period. All prices and fugures are approximate and may change. Financing options vary based on financing type and buyer qualifications. Tax deductions assumes 32% combined Federal NY State tax bracket computed on a monthly average basis. Based on 2010-2012 tax rate. Please consult with your legal or tax professional for complete information and advice and eligibility requirements. No representation as to the availability and applicability of the tax credit to purchaser. † Rental rate is only an estimate. No representation is being made that the unit will be rented.