Ten Reasons to Buy a Beachfront Home

Arverne by the Sea, in Queens, offers exquisite beachfront homes in a resort like setting with many amenities. It is life by the sea at its best, giving homeowners the feeling of being on a perpetual vacation. But what is it that makes buying a home on the beach a great move? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider it.

1) The Panoramic Views -This is a prime reason why people want to buy a beachfront property. It is both relaxing and invigorating. Breathtaking sunrises and serenity may be followed by bright umbrellas in the sand and sails on the horizon. Each day brings a new ocean front scene for you and your family to enjoy.

2) Recreation – The beach and the surrounding areas, especially around Arverne by the Sea, offer all kinds of recreational activity from swimming and boating to jet skiing and fishing. There are also numerous parks and golf courses nearby.

3) Investment – Well constructed beachfront homes rise in value faster than those homes further inland. Because there is a high demand and low supply, beachfront properties like Arverne are sound investments. The 20 year tax abatement makes the beachfront homes at Arverne by the Sea virtually irresistible to savvy buyers.

4) Rental Income – Arverne by the Sea consists of both one and two family homes. The two family models offer the opportunity for buyers to create rental income. This rental income can be either seasonal or year round. Seasonal rentals command premium rates during the preferred months. Annual rentals create a steady stream of income to offset the costs of mortgage and maintenance.

5) Fitness – Running, walking and swimming are three excellent fitness methods. Running or walking on sand burns more calories and strengthens muscles better than performing the same tasks on flat pavement. Swimming in the surf where there are waves and currents increases strength and stamina.

6) Healthfulness – Just being near the ocean lowers stress levels and reduces blood pressure. Soaking in sea water soothes muscles and joints and clears up acne in teens and adults.  Smelling the salt in the air and listening to the breakers keeping rhythm while the rest of nature sings, is a form of meditation that sooths the mind and soul. People living along the shore enjoy an inherent healthy lifestyle.

7) Inspiration and Art – The shore draws creative people and inspires them to paint, sculpt, draw, carve and photograph. That is why every shore town has shops featuring the works of local artists.

8) Culture – Music and the Performing Arts are also at home along the shore of New York. Nearby to Arverne is the well-known Rockaway Theater where Broadway actors keep their skills sharpened. The annual Rockaway’s Music and Arts Council’s Fall Festival features hundreds of artists and draws a crowd in excess of 20,000 from all over the world.

9) Entertaining – There is no better place to invite friends and family for a day or a weekend than your home on the beach. From your roof top terrace you and your company can enjoy the relaxed vibe of the shore and the scenic views with the beach just steps from your door.

10) Dining – The shore communities attract many chefs and restaurateurs that open diverse eateries of all ethnic origins. The Rockaway Beach area, where Arverne by the Sea is located, has a myriad of restaurants, many of which are highly acclaimed.

Arverne by the Sea is the perfect place to take advantage of all the attributes of beachfront living. Call for an appointment and take a tour today to see what beachfront living is all about.