Thank you for helping us spread the word and pride about homeownership at Arverne By the Sea.

“My husband and I moved here in 2010 from Syosset, Long Island. We were motivated by several factors. First, we were finally “empty nesters” with our son going to medical school. As much as we loved our suburban home, we really didn’t see any point in continuing to heat, cool and maintain four bedrooms, three bathrooms and 1/3 of an acre yard. In addition at the age of 50+ we realized that paying hefty suburban school taxes without children in school was not very smart financially. My husband, being a NYC teacher really wanted to catch up on his retirement contributions, and he deserved it! So 20-year tax abatement was an offer we could not refuse. Also, when he turned 50 we went on a trip to the Bahamas, which cost us a marvelous $10,000 for two weeks. We figured that Rockaway Beach being open for 20 weeks from Memorial to Labor Day free of charge would give us $100,000 recreational value each and every year. Finally, the rental apartment was a great, truly priceless gift for my mom’s retirement. We did not want for her to live with us in a basement apartment in Syosset. So when we moved in, not only was she able to close the door and “sneeze at her pleasure”, as she describes it, but she also met special someone and they moved in together. New love in a new community at the new stage of life, what more could one ask for? As to me, I dropped car ownership, and became a subway rider, when I teach in Manhattan. I forgot about parking fees, road rage, accidents, and insurance premiums. We are truly happy at Arverne By The Sea.”

 Natalia and Jak Assa