The Pampered Chef with Christine Powers

If you have a brand new home at Arverne By The Sea, then you need the perfect inspiration for enjoying wonderful, home-cooked meals in your new designer kitchen. There is no better way to welcome yourself to the neighborhood than with The Pampered Chef with Christine Powers. For more than 15 years, she has been serving the needs of friends and family by inspiring satisfying and stress-free meals that flatter their New York lifestyles.

Founded in 1980, parent company Pampered Chef is a larger network of everyday cooking quick tips that highlights the techniques, kitchen equipment, and powerful tools that make cooking at home a faster, fuss-free experience. Many people in NYC feel they barely have time to enjoy eating a meal, let alone make one from scratch! With a little help from Christine Powers, you too can slow things down and savor those scrumptious recipes and important moments with everyday cooking for the modern family.

When following the Facebook page (, you instantly receive all of the tips, updates, and product information you need to plan and make meals that fit your lifestyle. The kitchen is a room that brings people together, and the art of cooking together is one that builds lifelong bonds. As a seller of quality kitchen tools, the regular cooking shows and independent consultant sessions held by Christine Powers show guests how to unlock their inner culinary potential, while enjoying some delicious recipes too!

If you would like to learn more about The Pampered Chef with Christine Powers, or attend a product demonstration in the Rockaways, simply visit her website, at: