Top 10 Ideas for Springtime Fun at Rockaway Beach

If you live at Arverne By The Sea, you are lucky enough to have the Atlantic Ocean in your front yard and all of New York City out back. There is no better location if you love sand and surf than the Rockaway Peninsula. The boardwalk, the sprawling Rockaway Beach, and the friendly local businesses found here simply cannot be beat. The minute spring sunshine comes out, the urge to start taking advantage of your seaside location begins to grow. Instead of putting yourself through the endless wait for summer to start, try these top 10 ideas for enjoying Rockaway Beach this spring:


  1. Take a Walk—Even if you have to wear a scarf, a stroll down the beach is a relaxing way to wake up, or spend a family or romantic evening. Spring is the perfect time for enjoying privacy on Rockaway Beach, before the summer season brings an increasing number of tourists.
  2. Take a Run—Every spring, New Yorkers suddenly realize it’s time to shed those winter pounds and get ready for the summer season. Living at Arverne By The Sea, you have the advantage of a full stretch of sand right at your doorstep—the ideal workout companion. Try running barefoot or doing yoga, lunges, and other exercises in the sand for a little extra resistance, adding a little more effectiveness to your workout moves.
  3. Build a Sandcastle—No matter your age, it can be fun to play in the sand, no matter what the weather. With a little practice, you might even be able to enter a Rockaway Beach sandcastle competition in the summer!
  4. Go Fly a Kite—Windy spring days at the beach are ideal for flying a kite. If you have children, it is easy to make your very own kite with the right supplies. This is a great beach activity, and you won’t have to dip as much as a toe into the still chilly water.
  5. Have a Picnic—Feeling hungry? Why not change things up and take your meal out to the sand? Bring a blanket and picnic basket just as you would in the summer months, just be sure to bring a sweater too! The seaside ambiance is just as good, and the privacy just can’t be beat. Stock up on supplies at the Arverne By The Sea retail transit plaza Stop & Shop, or grab some takeaway from Rockaway Pizza, or Thai Kitchen by the Sea.
  6. Bring a Camera—In the summer season, it can be a challenge to get those great, unspoiled photos of Rockaway Beach with no stray beachgoers drifting through the backdrop. Bring a camera the next time you head out to the beach, and get some spectacular natural shots.
  7. Ride a Bike—The springtime is perfect for riding a beach on the Rockaway Boardwalk. Use it as a means of exercise, transportation, recreation, or all of the above!
  8. Read a Book—A great investment for all new Arverne By The Sea residents is a good beach chair. Take a good book, a thermos of coffee or tea, and a sturdy chair out and make the most of the spring calm.
  9. Meditate—Another perk of a quiet beach is the opportunity to relax and reflect. Nothing is better than meditation on the beach! Learn how with Hot Yoga Rockaway Beach, the Rockaway YMCA, Mrs. Elaine’s School of Dance, at NYC Parks workshops, or at Rockaway Beach Yoga and Surfing Day Retreats by New York Surf School.
  10. Surf—If you are a beginning surfer, grab a wetsuit and head out to the whitewash to learn a thing or two so you can show off your new skills come summer. There are a wealth of local Rockaway Beach resources for new and experienced surfers, such as the New York Surf School (mentioned above), Locals Surf School, Lava Girl Surf, Breakwater Surf Co., Boarders, and more.


Why wait for June 21st to swing into beachside action? If you live at Arverne By The Sea, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beach before the summer season. You never know, next year, you may find yourself looking forward to your favorite Rockaway Beach springtime activity!