Two Family Homes – Getting To Know Your New Neighbor

Getting to know your new neighbors is always a good idea, but it is an especially good idea when your neighbors are part of your two-family home.  You are more likely to run into them on a regular basis than you are neighbors who live in their single-family dwellings. When a new family moves into your two-family home, it is important that you get to know them.


Getting to Know Your New Neighbors


It is fine to show curiosity since you will be sharing a wall with these people, but don’t be too nosy. Ask the realtor for a little information about the new residents, such as where they are from, and whether or not they have kids. The realtor may delve a little deeper and provide you with more information such as whether or not the couple is newly married, expecting their first child, empty-nesters, or a divorcee starting over.


Knowing what to expect of your new neighbors makes it easier for you to decide how you want to greet them. It is customary to greet your new neighbors with a gift, and knowing a little about them will make that easier on you. Making a gift basket is a great way to greet your new neighbors. Now that you know a little something about the new residents, take what you know and create something special. If your new neighbors are a young, newly married couple with no kids, consider creating a basket that has something useful in it for their first home.

Greeting Your New Neighbors

The first introduction you make should be short and sweet. After all, your new neighbors are in the middle of moving their belongings and probably want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Simply run outside to introduce yourself, welcome them to your two-family home, and get back to what you are doing. If you have a gift for them, it’s okay to drop it off now, but keep it short. You won’t make a good first impression on your new neighbors if you insist on keeping them from unpacking.


Continue to greet your new neighbors anytime you see them. A friendly hello when you are both at the mailbox, a wave when you are both getting into your cars, and a friendly nod as you pass them jogging is always nice. Once they have moved in and gotten settled, you can spend more time getting to know them. Offer to host a barbeque or get-together for them so they can meet the rest of the neighbors. If you want, invite them over for dinner so you can get to know them a little better.


Getting to know your neighbors is a great idea. Not only is there a great potential for friendship here, there is a great potential for someone to have your back when you need it.