Why Not Take Up Biking in Queens?

Biking, or cycling, is a great sport as well as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. Since it burns calories, increases circulation, builds muscle mass and increases the strength of your heart and lungs, there is no reason not to enjoying biking whenever possible. Unfortunately, many residents in Queens aren’t sure if they can enjoy the sport in their home borough. If you are interested in biking in Queens but aren’t quite sure where or how to start, use this helpful guide to begin helping the environment and getting fit from your bike seat.


Starting Out: If you haven’t been biking in several years or you don’t have your own bike, there are some things you need to start with to ensure that you are able to ride the streets in Queens. If you want to rent a bike, there are more than a dozen stores in Queens that offer that to customers. Head in to top-rated stores like Peak Bicycle Pro Shop, Twin Bicycle & Sporting Goods Inc, Laurelton Bicycle & Carriage Shop or the Grand Bicycle Center, all of which are run by local cyclists who love the sport and can help you to find the perfect bike to try out. You might want to rent a few different bikes to find out which is perfect for you before buying your own. While you’re in the store, don’t forget to rent or buy your own helmet to stay safe when on the bicycle.


Bike Safety: Before you start biking up and down the streets of Queens, spend some time getting familiar with the rules of the road for cyclists. Remember that if you choose to ride on a main road rather than a bike path, you need to stay off the sidewalk and cycle in the same direction as traffic is going. In addition, cyclists should always stop at stop signs and red lights just like a car would. Also be sure to place something on your bike or helmet to attract attention so that you are visible to other drivers. This might be reflectors on the wheels of your bike, a red taillight on the rear of the bike’s frame or even brightly colored clothing.


Where to Cycle: Once you have a bike and you know the rules of the road, you can begin cycling in Queens. One of the best places to cycle is Flushing Meadows Park, where a pedestrian trail that is free from traffic loops around the park. Another great option is the Queens Waterfront, running from Astoria Park to Long Island City. The Queens Waterfront Route is especially ideal for children, as it offers plenty of places to stop, play or have a picnic in the grass. The Brooklyn-Queens Greenway is a path built for pedestrians and cyclists that stretches for more than 40 miles and will provide anyone with a great workout and a scenic route along landmarks like Citi Field and the New York Aquarium. If mountain biking is more your style, you can head to the trails of Forest Park for some exciting terrain and plenty of ascents and descents along the way.


Biking is an incredible sport that is accessible to adults and children alike. Although bike storage may not be an option in all homes in Queens, it is easier than ever to rent bikes and enjoy the many trails and paths in the area. Use these resources to learn the rules of the road, feel safe when cycling, find the perfect bicycle and pick out the ultimate place to bike in Queens.