Will Your Pets Like Living Near the Beach?


Most humans love living by the beach. The fresh salt air is invigorating and the sound of the rhythmic surf can be very soothing. Most pets, too, enjoy living by the beach. For dogs, the air is filled with interesting scents such as the tang of brine and the strong smells of the sea life, and there are always interesting critters skittering past or flying overhead.


If you are a pet owner who has always wanted to live by the beach near New York City, then you      should consider finding a home at the Arverne Beach. This is a great up-and-coming neighborhood with a youthful, vibrant appeal that is not only blessed with a sweet beach, but also has access to the city via the A train and Express bus.  What more could you ask for?


Even though you will be living very close to New York City, your pet will feel like it is living in the great outdoors. They will love the cleaner air that can be found near the ocean and taking strolls on something other than hard concrete. Although dogs may not be allowed to romp at will on this area’s beaches year-round, they can enjoy nice leashed strolls along the boardwalk or on its sands between October 1 and May 1.


The great thing is that the spring and fall months are truly some of the best times of the year to spend on the beach. These months typically boast very pleasant weather and fewer people. Like you, your dog will appreciate a nice walk in the cool crisp fall air along the surf’s edge. Just remember to be a good neighbor and responsible pet owner and to always clean up after your four-legged friend!


Even if your pet can’t actually walk on the boardwalk or the sands during the summer, the beach area is also a wonderful place for your pets to spend those typically sweltering months of June, July and August when life in the city can be downright miserable. Instead of dwelling in the middle of a concrete jungle, your pet can spend its summer months enjoying a refreshing sea breeze. Life for you and your pet will almost seem like a permanent vacation when you live near the ocean and its pleasant sea breezes.


For those dogs who demand at least a little free time off of their leashes, there is a dog park located very close to Arverne Beach called Rockaway Freeway Dog Park. This canine-friendly facility boasts 9.40 acres and features large, fenced areas so that your dog can exercise its inner wolf and run wild and free. Rockaway Freeway Dog Park is located near the Rockaway Freeway and Beach 84th Street.


This park and an organization known as ARF-ARF also host events for dog lovers and their four-legged buddies, including a Canine Ice Cream Social in the summer, where pups can enjoy sweet treats along with their owners and play a number of fun games. Then, in October, Rockaway Freeway Dog Park also hosts a Canine Costume Carnival where you can dress your pup up as a werewolf, a princess or whatever else you can conjure up and then compete for prizes.


The beauty of living near the beach is that you and your dog or cat can actually enjoy the kind of quality time that you would want to spend with your best friend, whether he or she has four legs or two. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean from a beachfront condo or walking the boardwalk and perusing the different stands?


Yes, the beach life is as perfect for pets as it is for their humans. If they could talk, we’re sure that your pets would give a resounding “Woof” or “Meow” in support of living on the oceanfront.