Y Construction Starting Soon

The Y is expected to really begin construction this week. It was announced this week that the construction of the YMCA facility should begin sometime this month after the city officially hands over the land for development next week, according to project officials.

According to Arverne by the Sea Project Manager Gerry Romski they anticipate closing on the property with the city sometime this week or next. Once they receive the land, construction will commence. YMCA representative Ellen Murphy says a contractor has been selected and wants to start as early as possible on the multi-million dollar facility. Arverne by the Sea is responsible for the construction of the YMCA which will then be turned over to the organization for operation and maintenance of the property.

It’s been a long road to the construction of the facility as numerous issues have held it up since the day it was first proposed to Community Board 14 in 2007. First, residents wanted a bigger pool, then an enclosed gymnasium. As time went on however, the project’s cost grew and additional funding was requested through various sources, further delaying the plans.

Finally, when funding was secured for a gymnasium by Councilmember James Sanders Jr., it pushed the project’s cost past $12 million which by law now required the Y facility to comply with a list of environmentally friendly standards. A waiver was granted by the mayor that allowed developers to amend the original plans that would coincide with the green law without going through the submission from the beginning. This saved another two to three years worth of delay for construction.